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Pre-Release:   Aug 7/19

Western Canada Release:   Sept 2019

Music:   Kevin Johnson (CAN)

Artist:    Kevin Johnson (CAN)

Performance:   Kevin Johnson (CAN), Jason Gordon (CAN), and John Kennedy (USA)

Lyrics:   Kevin Johnson (CAN)

Length:   3:28


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(written May 2019)

As with every song I write, they come from my real experience and true emotion.

Sunny Days was drawn out of a conversation I had with someone.  I was sitting at my computer at the kitchen island, chatting on my cell.  We were discussing a variety of topics, including the weather.  I got up from my stool and looked out the kitchen sink window, admiring the bright sunny day we were having, and quickly noted my browning lawn and the struggling grain fields across the way.  We hadn't had any amount of rain all spring long and it was starting to show.

I commented, "We sure could use some rain.  It's been terribly dry…but don't get me wrong, I love these sunny days!"

Within a few hours, the lyrics were done, and I already had the tempo, beat, and chord progression complete.

"Sunny Days" was born.  ;)

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